The number of people who are developing dementia is rising, and there are currently over 413,106 people in Australia who have been diagnosed with dementia. This number is projected to increase to 536,164 by 2025. Dementia involves memory loss and a decline in cognitive functioning. This can make it very difficult for an older adult with dementia to cope. If a loved one has received a diagnosis of dementia, you may be wondering about the home health care they can receive. Below is a guide to some of the services provided by home health care for elderly people.

Personal Hygiene

Home healthcare workers will visit your loved one on a daily basis to make sure they are washing and cleaning themselves. People with dementia may forget to shower or bathe or may not be capable of physically perform these tasks. A health support worker will be trained to assist your loved one into and out of the shower or bath and to ensure that they maintain their personal hygiene by brushing their teeth and washing their hair. The worker will encourage your loved one to perform as much of the tasks as possible, so they do not feel disempowered.

Mental Stimulation

The health worker will also be able to carry out activities with your loved one which will help to stimulate their mind and will promote interaction with the world. Often, people will dementia will become isolated and withdrawn which can lead to secondary health problems such as anxiety and depression. Dementia attacks the most recent memories first but will often leave memories from childhood untouched. This is why a person with dementia will often believe that they are living in the past. The health worker may bring in old photographs or objects such as old coins which will encourage your loved one to remember and positively speak about the past.

Food Preparation

A person with dementia may find it challenging to prepare food. They may not have the co-ordination which is needed to measure out ingredients or to open tins. Your loved one may also forget that they have lit a stove which can create a fire hazard. The health support worker can help your loved one to prepare healthy meals.

If you would like to find out more about dementia and how a home health service or aged care can assist your loved one, you should contact a home health care company today.